Melinda Doolittle Told How Nicole Kidman Feels about Meeting Fans

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman

No matter what, the actress remains one of the most loved ones in Hollywood.

Nicole Kidman indirectly revealed her opinion about her and her fans’ “relationship”. The actress explains why fans paid more attention to Melinda Doolittle.

The “Grace of Monaco” admitted that since she appears only on the screens of her audience, there is no firm connection between them. Meanwhile Doolittle meets people at the concerts and in real life. It makes them more attached to each other. The “American Idol” finalist detailed her talk with Kidman in an Insider interview.

The two of them met at a café. Almost nobody came up to the Hollywood rep but formed a line to take a picture with the singer.

“For me, people have just seen me on screen, so they don't relate to me in that way. But for you, you're one of them. And so they feel just fine walking up to your dinner table and not letting you eat. So you need to have someone with you, so you can eat.”