Miranda Cosgrove Wants to See Carly and Freddie Together in New Season of “iCarly”

Miranda Cosgrove
Miranda Cosgrove

Even the actress’s position on the producing team doesn’t give her a free pass to all secrets.

Miranda Cosgrove takes her opportunity to comment on the romantic line of the upcoming “iCarly” season. There are a few suggestions she puts out.

The main character of the show cheers up for Carly and Freddie. At the same time, she admits in her interview with ET to not knowing the details. Even though Miranda is the executive producer, she still walks in the shoes of a viewer. Just like everybody else, the actress is excited to see what happens next.

“I personally want Freddie and Carly to be endgame. I think Nathan has a whole theory about this where he thinks Freddy tried too hard for too long and that he doesn't know that they're meant to be together. But my personal take is I think they would be really good for each other, so I'm hoping that that's how the series ends. But I'm just like everybody else, I don't know exactly what's going to happen.”