Mike Tyson Pissed Off as He Found Someone Just Like Him

Fortunately the boxers are in a good relationship for now.

25 years ago, Mike Tyson defended his title as one of the strongest men in the world. Unfortunately, the proof of that was not a trophy but Evander Holyfield’s ears.

On June 28, 1997, Mike lost his temper in the ring and tore off his opponent's ears with his teeth. Curiously enough, the incident happened after the fight, when the referee signaled the athletes to stay away from each other. Later in his interviews, Tyson provided several versions of the story.

During his talk with Oprah Winfrey on OWN's channel, he said that Holyfield seemed too strong at the moment, and it angried him.

“I was angry because he kept betting my head. He’s cut my head first fight with head bugs and he did it again. And I was just enraged. It doesn’t make no excuse for what happened but I was just enraged and wanted to inflict so much pain on him. I was just pissed off that he was such a great fighter to an awesome.”