Madonna Had to Beg DJ to Play Her Music

Pursuing DJs was the artist’s thing.

The early years of Madonna’s career were far from thriving. The singer worked hard and went through hate to make her music heard by the public.

The Grammy-winner disclosed DJs from the ’80s hated her. No one ever wanted to play her compositions. Eventually, the “Frozen” singer had to beg a stranger. She swore to do anything if the man would make her wish come true. As Madonna told Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show”, that DJ “created” the most memorable moment of her life.

“I was always going to a club called “Danceteria”. I would bring my cassette tapes to the D.J.s and drive them all crazy. I was relentless. They would see me and run. I found this one DJ who thought I was cute. Um, he’s dead now. When I finally got this guy, Mark Kamins, to play my cassette…It was called “Everybody”. I swear to God I had to promise everything to him to get it played. And when he played it, everybody got up and started dancing to it. It blew my mind. That was everything.”