Stormi Stands Out with Her $1,000 Designer Handbag

The baby girl doesn’t have a good example.

The lessons Kylie Jenner teaches her daughter are not positive ones. Stormi seems to be heading toward the dangerous path.

Stormi inherited Kylie's fondness for pricey items. Per People, despite her young age, the 4-year-old child already owns a collection of designer’s bags, routinely updated in line with the newest trends. The night before, a little fashionista went out in public wearing a silver, glittering outfit, which she accessorized with white Nike sneakers and futuristic glasses.


Kylie Jenner Shared Story Showing Stormi’s Fluffy Toys

Kylie Jenner and Stormi
Kylie Jenner and Stormi

The young Billionaire has her upbringing methods.

Looks like 4-years-old Stormi has other interests apart from collecting designer’s mini handbags and clothes. Her mom shared a post revealing daughter’s humble preferences.

Despite her very young age, Stormi is a real fashionista. She owns a collection of mini luxury handbags and loves expensive clothing like her mom. However, the celebrity child also takes pleasure in ordinary things.


Kylie Jenner and Stormi Were in Lodge Enjoying Travis Scott’s Concert in London

“Astroworld” became a very bad and tragic lesson for the rapper.

Travis Scott had important guests at his latest “Utopia” concert in London. After the grim incident during his “Astroworld” festival, the rapper needed a breath of fresh air to continue his career.

Travis’ concert in London met his expectations. In the recent Instagram story, Scott thanked his fans for the amazing show. But it wasn’t all. The musician had two dear guests cheering for him from the lodge. Kylie Jenner and their 4-years-old daughter Stormi enjoyed daddy’s performance.


Kylie Jenner Went on Shopping to Harrods with Her Daughter Whom She Called “Spoiled”

The reality star’s kid has special preferences.

Kylie Jenner admits her faults in raising her children. The young billionaire made her 4-years-old daughter addicted to some adult routine.

Little Stormi loves shopping a lot. At such a young age, she already has a collection of luxurious fashion pieces, thanks to her mom. But it looks like Kylie is slowly starting to realize her mistakes in upbringing.