Kim Kardashian and North Went On Adventurous Trip

Kanye probably watches with pride in his eyes.

Kim Kardashian is confronting all her fears. Her 9-years-old adventurous daughter North West induces the celebrity to new experiences.

Unlike Kim, North embraces the feeling of adrenaline. Even on her birthday, the kid chose to have an extraordinary celebration in camp. Now, North decided to make her mom face her fears. While the 9-years-old was enjoying jumping on a zip line and walking on a hanging bridge, Kim looked terrified.

On her official Instagram page, the mother shared some shots from the venturesome trip, telling her followers:

“I cried every step of the way because I am so afraid of heights but I did it and I promise I’m never doing it again”.

Screenshot "Kim Kardashian" / Instagram
Screenshot "Kim Kardashian" / Instagram