Kardashian Fans Accuse Kim of Photoshopping Her Grandma MJ’s Wrinkles

Kim Kardashian and MJ
Kim Kardashian and MJ

Things in common.

No one can escape Kim Kardashian’s policy, not even her 88-years old granny. The reality star’s last gesture faced people’s criticism.

Kim posted several images of herself and her grandma from different life stages on her Instagram feed. She wrote as the set's caption:"Happy 88th Birthday to the Queen MJ! I love you so much grandma and so so so lucky to have you to up to look up to." However, several fans noticed that compared to the rest of the pics, the first photo seemed a little touched-up.

“She blurred out MJ’s wrinkles” “there’s a 99.999999% chance this photo is photoshopped”,  “I think she’s natural but Kim definitely photoshopped her”  “Why does grandma look younger now than in the picture from 20 years ago”.