Josh Peck Thinks Parenting Is Best Thing Ever to Experience

Josh Peck

The actor can’t be blamed for hyping this topic.

Life has acquired a new meaning for Josh Peck. The actor has reevaluated things for himself and will soon experience what every man dreams of.

Having a baby is the only thing that can't be overvalued. As the former Nickelodeon actor and his wife Paige O’Brien are waiting for their second child, Peck is filled with the most beautiful emotions. As Josh told Entertainment Tonight, their family is more than ready for the addition.

“I think, you know, we're moving to a bigger place and so we are hardcore adulting. Like oh my, we own property! It's fabulous. I mean, I always say having a kid is the one thing that’s not overrated in life. It's not overhyped.”