During Jimmy Fallon Show Emily Blunt Revealed Her Daughter Prefers American English Over British One

A total nightmare for a British-speaking native.

Emily Blunt had a solid reason to be proud. However, she got “shot right in the heart.”

During the Jimmy Fallon show, Emily confessed she was so proud of her daughter, Hazel, who used to mimic her British accent. But after a short period, the actress’s American husband overtook the influence over their little one. Emily reveals with a laugh:


Madonna Was Too Seductive While Visiting Jimmy Fallon’s Evening Show

Many people are used to the Grammy-winner's bizarre attitude.

It is crazy how Madonna doesn’t give up on her controversial self. The music legend’s antic makes Jimmy Fallon blush.

The “4 Minutes” singer confessed she would like to get involved in dirty sex games with the host. Even though it was clearly a joke, the performer kept the playful mood during the whole program of “The Tonight Show”. Madonna dropped the provocative line right after Fallon mentioned he wanted to have a funny card game.


Life changes after Dorinda Medley falls in love with camera

The reality show star is glad she participated in this kind of TV program.

Dorinda Medley had no idea what would her life be like after joining the TV show. She recalls enthusiastically the moment she saw the camera. Not every actor shares the same feelings.

The star of "The Real Housewives of New York City" felt the connection between her and the shooting device from the very first second. Their “love” was mutual, Dorinda said in "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon".