Jennette McCurdy Said People Without Sense of Humor Won’t Understand Her Book’s Title

Self-protection from childhood traumas.

Some readers might close Jennette McCurdy's book after reading the first lines, considering them unacceptable. However, everything is not that simple.

In an interview with Good Morning America, the “iCarly” star explained she chose the “I’m Glad My Mom Died” title because it was primarily eye-catching. But the actress hurried to add: people without a sense of humor wouldn't understand it and are not welcome to read the book.

The final goal of the written word is not to let teenagers or adults with similar experiences feel alone.

“This title is attention grabbing. But it’s also something that I mean sincerely, I’m not saying it at all in a flippant way. I think that anybody who’s experienced parental abuse understands this title and I think anybody who has a sense of humor understands this title. And I’m not so concerned with the opinion of anybody else because this book is not for them.”