Dwayne Johnson Confesses to Letting Kevin Hart Do Whatever He Wants

The actor doesn’t mind that one person hitting him.

Dwayne Johnson drew a very sweet and, at the same time, strange comparison with Kevin Hart. Seems like the close friendship is growing into something more.

During the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show, the guest host Kerry Washington reminds Dwayne about his childish tortilla challenge with Kevin. Rock says he perceives the comedian as his little son. Kevin’s behavior is just too similar to that of his daughters.

While talking about his precious girls, Johnson admits sometimes they put makeup on his face. Same story with Hart, the actor lets the latter get away with everything.

“So we did this tortilla challenge which is a challenge that is pretty popular out there. We played the TikTok challenge and he slapped the sh*t out of me with these tortillas. But again, like I do with my little girls, I do with my little son Kevin. It’s like, go ahead and you can hit me, you can do whatever you want.”