Britney Spears’ Wedding Pleased Drew Barrymore

Some things are better to avoid.

Drew Barrymore got emotional while recalling Britney Spears’ wedding. There was a small detail that won her respect and gratitude.

The “Blended” actress told Jimmy Kimmel she hated weddings with a sit-down dinner. Barrymore explained how this one attribute could ruin the impressions of the whole party. As the Hollywood representative confessed, thank God Britney didn’t want to have it either.

“I thanked her for not having a sit-down dinner. God, do I hate sit-down dinners. We all got dressed up, we want to dance, we want to hang out. And they always separate you, like ‘We’re gonna force you into a new social endeavor.

The person you came with is over there.’ Why did you do that?! And I hate it! So they did the ceremony, she got right to the dance party. We had the best time and I was like ‘Thank you.’”