Imagine Dragons’ Soloist Dan Reynolds Uses Music as Therapy for Mental Health

Daniel Reynolds
Daniel Reynolds

Go deep into the singer’s words, it’s where his “demons” hide.

Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons has a hidden motive for writing songs. And it's not for fame or recognition.

Mental health problems are one of the main reasons the songwriter creates his hits. As Dan confessed in an interview with People, sometimes he would come up with lyrics that nobody would hear to relieve his inner pain. Most of his compositions for the “Radioactive” group are encouraging and empowering, but imagine how many others there are.

And Reynolds is not willing to share them with the fans.

“It's like a therapy session for me. I write a song almost every day, and it's like a journal entry. Most of them nobody will ever hear, and that's not the purpose of it. The purpose is, selfishly, to serve my own mental health.”