Ben Affleck Agitated while Leaving Hotel on Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday

Something is wrong with him.

Seems like the Paris voyage of the newlyweds Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez already made the groom exhausted. While JLo enjoys her glory, Ben fails to hold back negative emotions.

While leaving their hotel in Paris on July 24, the couple came across Jen’s fans who started singing “Happy Birthday” for her. In the video spread on social networks, the singer looked very happy and waved her hands to them, showing her respect and love.

Meanwhile, the actor looked quite antsy. He rolled his eyes and fetched a sigh. His discontent was hard to miss. Ben probably wasn’t expecting such a strong reaction.

The couple had already split their paths once because of JLo’s increasing fame. Let’s wait and see how Ben will deal with today's situation since the attention the couple got after the marriage has doubled.